Play for Society

The WLA's Play for Society project invites WLA member lotteries and sports betting operators to contribute to a photo and video exhibition documenting the worthy causes funded by state-regulated lotteries and sports betting operators around the world. The project serves to emphasize that raising funds for good causes is not only one of the basic criteria for WLA membership and a common thread that binds all WLA member organizations, it is the raison d'être of the entire global regulated lottery and sports betting ecosystem. Learn more about how WLA member lotteries and sports betting operators play for society by selecting a member from the list and viewing the photo and video montages provided.

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China Sports Lottery Administration Centre
China (Asia / The Pacific)

From every CNY 2 spend for the China Sports Lottery, CNY 0.6 goes to the Social Welfare Fund, broadly used for:

  • Education support;
  • Urban and rural medical assistance;
  • Poverty alleviation;
  • Law aid;
  • Rural pension services, etc.; and
  • Multiple social welfare projects.

China Welfare Lottery Issuance and Management Centre
China (Asia / The Pacific)

In 1987, the Chinese government decided to launch a lottery to alleviate the insufficiency of social welfare funds, which led to the birth of China Welfare Lottery (CWL). Since its launch, CWL has always adhered to its mission of supporting the elderly, persons with disabilities, orphans, and those in need. Its annual sales volume increased from CNY 17 million at the very beginning to over CNY 200 billion now. It has gradually become an indispensable force for driving the development of social welfare and public good causes in China.

As of 31 December 31 2019, the accumulated sales of CWL amounted to CNY 2,210.964 billion, raising CNY 656.865 billion in social welfare funds which have directly and indirectly benefited more than 600 million people. In this way CWL has made significant contributions to securing and improving peoples' livelihoods.

Hoosier Lottery
USA (North America / The Caribbean)

For over 30 years, Hoosier Lottery funds have supported local police and firefighters’ pensions, the Teachers’ Retirement Fund and the Lottery Surplus Fund.

Giving Back Since 1989 – Since the Hoosier Lottery's inception in October 1989 through 30 June 2023:

  • Lottery Surplus Fund total: USD 5.5 billion;
  • Police and Firefighters' Pensions total: USD 820 million;
  • Teachers' Retirement Fund total: USD 1.0 billion; and
  • Total transfers to the State of Indian: USD 7.4 billion.

Ithuba Holdings (RF) (Proprietary) Limited
South Africa (Africa)

ITHUBA is the lawfully appointed South African National Lottery Operator. Since its tenure in June 2015, ITHUBA has presented record-breaking jackpots that have changed the lives of many South Africans.

As the National Lottery Operator, ITHUBA is obligated to raise 27% of funds that are contributed towards charity work through the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).

In addition to this contribution, ITHUBA has rolled-out extensive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. As a company that embodies ‘Ubuntu’, a South African term that means “I am because we are”, ITHUBA believe in Sustainable CSI projects that bear life-time long benefits to society.

Lottotech Ltd.
Mauritius (Africa)

Lottotech entered the market on 8 April 2008 with the aim of being a game changer in the lottery industry in Mauritius. With an emphasis on integrity at the core of all our operations, and thanks to the commitment of our stakeholders, we became the top lottery provider in the area. Over the years, we have generated funds for a multitude of valuable programs and causes, designed to create a better Mauritius.

For the inaugural edition of the Play for Society project, Lottotech Ltd. elected to share videos and photos telling the stories of people they support every year. There are narratives about sustainable agriculture, handmade books, music school, and female entrepreneurship: an entire world waiting to be discovered.

Louisiana Lottery Corporation
USA (North America / The Caribbean)

USD 212.1 million to State Treasury

Effective 1 July 2004, the Louisiana constitution provides that lottery proceeds be earmarked for the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP), which funds K-12 public education in Louisiana. In addition, the first USD 500,000 in annual lottery proceeds is earmarked for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals – Office of Behavioral Health to fund problem gambling programs.

More than USD 212 million was transferred from sales in fiscal year 2023. As of fiscal year 2023, the Lottery has cumulatively transferred more than USD 4.5 billion to the state treasury, averaging over 35% of its revenue.

Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (ONCE)
Spain (Europe / The Middle East)

The social nature of ONCE imbues and conditions the ultimate purpose of this association of the blind, which is to achieve two main objectives: the self-reliance and full social integration of its members.

The specialized social services are the institution’s hallmark. ONCE earmarks over EUR 230 million a year (2009 figure) to social activities.

The ONCE service model is unique in the world. It includes every specialized aspect and/or service that a blind or visually impaired person might need: education, employment, rehabilitation, adapted technical aids, communication and access to information, sports, leisure, etc.

ONCE’s ability to provide specialized services to its blind members is the fruit of the supportive investments made by thousands of our fellow citizens every day through the purchase of the organization’s gaming products.

Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande
Switzerland (Europe / The Middle East)

Company with a public-service mission

Since it was founded in 1937 with its objective to work for the public good, Loterie Romande has been organizing and operating lottery games and sports betting in the six cantons of French-speaking Switzerland.

Loterie Romande distributes all the profits it makes to thousands of organisations active in the fields of social welfare, culture, sport, education and the environment. The support for the public good represents about CHF 220 million distributed for 3’000 projects every year.

We present below a selection of eight associations wich represent the different fields supported by the Loterie Romande.

Vietnam Lottery Company (Vietlott)
Vietnam (Asia / The Pacific)

Vietlott was established in 2011 and launched its first product on 18 July 2016. The lottery’s mission is to offer prized games in a modern, transparent, and responsible manner. A portion of revenues from the lottery business is allocated to social programs, mostly in the form of investments in health, education, and social welfare. As per the regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance, at least 50–60% of money to treasury is contributed to education and at least 10% is returned to social welfare programs in rural areas.