Sports Betting Integrity

Approximately half of all WLA members offer sports betting services, and grass-roots sports is one of the leading beneficiary of WLA member lottery funding for good causes.

The WLA is dedicated to leading the fight against match-fixing and illegal betting and to preserving the integrity of sports, through the work of its Betting Integrity on Sports & Horse Racing Committee.

The Betting Integrity on Sports & Horse Racing Committee was established in 2018 as the Sports Betting Integrity Committee (SBIC), in an effort to further the interests of WLA members that provide sports betting and to preserve the integrity of sports by leading the fight against match fixing and illegal betting. The committee complements the work of the operations team from the Global Lottery Monitoring System in Lausanne, which acts as the Committee’s technical advisory group and is responsible for executing its strategy.

The scope of the SBIC was expanded in 2020 to include horse racing. To reflect this expansion, the SBIC subsequently changed its name to the Betting Integrity on Sports & Horse Racing Committee.