Benefits of membership

Technology is changing markets. Consumer behavior and perceptions are evolving and new forms of entertainment are emerging. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on state lotteries and sports betting organizations to demonstrate their legitimacy and the role they play in society.

These are global challenges, and the WLA believes that global responses are appropriate and in many respects crucial to the future of the state lottery and sports betting industry.

Membership of the WLA offers numerous advantages to both gaming operators and their suppliers in meeting these challenges.

WLA membership provides a framework to enhance your organizational structure, and your business processes and practices.

Certification and benchmarking

  • Security certification: Security is a key element in the successful operation of lottery games. A critical factor of the operation is confidence both by the player and in those who manage the games themselves. It is essential, therefore, that a visible and documented security environment is developed and maintained in order to achieve and sustain public confidence in the operation. The WLA Security Control Standard is the lottery sector's only internationally recognized security standard. Open only to WLA member lottery and sports betting operators and WLA member suppliers, certification is an independent hallmark of integrity, proving that a gaming operation is applying worldwide best practice in terms of security and risk management, and simplifying planning for multi-jurisdictional games.
  • Responsible gaming certification: The WLA Responsible Gaming Framework is an internationally recognized responsible gaming standard for the lottery sector. The framework consists of ten responsible gaming principles and four performance levels that require continuous and progressive improvement in the measures taken by member lotteries to integrate the responsible gaming principles into their day-to-day operations. Responsible gaming is a key pillar for state-controlled gaming operators, both to ensure that the playing public is protected and that revenues are sustained for the public good. Certification to the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework signals a lottery or sports betting operator is committed to implementing responsible gaming best practice policies and procedures. Similar to the WLA Security Control Standard, certification to the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework is open only to WLA members.

Education, training, and networking

  • WLA Academy: Every WLA member is only as effective as its employees are knowledgeable, and it pays to keep them up to date regarding the latest developments within the industry. For the benefit of the WLA membership, every year the WLA Academy holds a series of seminars, often in partnership with the world’s five regional lottery associations, covering industry-relevant topics ranging from security and responsible gaming through to marketing and sport betting. WLA members may attend these specialized seminars at reduced rates, with the WLA scholarship program offering additional support for attendees in particular circumstances.
  • World Lottery Summit: This biennial event typically draws in excess of 1,200 participants and 100 exhibitors from all over the world to a ‘venue of communication’, focusing on the latest developments – and the future direction – of the lottery and sports betting industries. With a top-notch business program, the sector's largest trade show, and an enjoyable and entertaining networking and social program, this is an event not to be missed by anyone serious about excelling in the lottery industry. WLA members may attend the World Lottery Summit at reduced rates, while WLA Associate members benefit from preferred access to booth spaces at the trade show.

Lottery research and other publications

  • WLA Data Compendium: The WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium is the world's leading research report focusing on lottery and sports betting operators, providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive key descriptive statistics about the WLA family of lottery and sports betting members, including sales, gross gaming revenues, and money to good causes. WLA members have exclusive access to the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium as part of their package of membership benefits.
  • WLA Magazine: All members receive access to all WLA publications, including the quarterly WLA Magazine. The WLA’s flagship publication, the WLA magazine is currently published two to three times a year. Featuring articles on the lottery business, the magazine covers money raised for good causes, responsible gaming, cybersecurity, the latest in lottery technology, diversity, sports integrity, sports betting, gaming regulation, marketing innovations, and other areas of relevance to the lottery and sports betting sector.


  • Promotion and adovcacy: Support for good causes may not be enough in itself to safeguard the special role that state lotteries and sports betting operators play in society. These organizations increasingly need to project a positive image to the playing public, legislators and other stakeholders. The WLA is engaged in an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of gaming policy implications around the world, to fight piracy and unfair competition, and support the regional lottery organizations in their dialogue with legislators. In addition, the association has active partnerships with other sector stakeholders, including the Global Lottery Monitoring System and international sports federations.
  • Support from the WLA business headquarters: Every day, the WLA Business Office in Lausanne, Switzerland, fields numerous questions from lotteries, sports betting operators, and suppliers from all over the globe regarding pressing industry issues. The WLA offers in-house expertise to help lotteries and other WLA member stakeholders quickly and efficiently address their issues of the day.


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