Supporting the learning process among member lotteries and suppliers is one of the WLA’s key objectives. Each year, and working in cooperation with the regional lottery associations, the WLA offers a varied program of seminars and related events as part of its educational program for lotteries and suppliers.

The WLA's program of seminars and related events take place in various locations around the world and bring together specialists from both inside and outside the lottery sector to share their knowledge and insights. These events are typically live events (seminars), or virtual events (webinars), and cover a range of contemporary and industry-relevant topics, from corporate social responsibility and security through to sales and marketing.


The WLA's program of seminars and related events targets the tactical managerial level for the membership on a wide range of lottery-specific topics. The seminars also serve to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences from diverse cultures around the world, thereby assisting WLA members with their continuing professional training.

Time and place

WLA seminars and accompanying events are held year-round, typically every other month. To more precisely target the needs of members, seminars and events are frequently held in cooperation with the regional lottery and sports betting associations.


The WLA’s program of seminars and related events span a diverse range of contemporary topics relevant to lottery and sports betting professionals, from sales and marketing trends, rre

  • Corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming
  • Legal affairs
  • Lottery research
  • Public relations and communication
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Security and information technology
  • Sports betting

Upcoming events

Upcoming events may be found on the WLA Event Calendar.


For questions about WLA seminars and related events, please contact the WLA Business Office for more information.