Discussion and Position Papers

As an international trade organization, the WLA speaks with a united voice for the world lottery and sports betting communities. In consultation with experts from both inside and outside the lottery and gaming sector, the WLA publishes timely green and white papers on a variety of topics that affect the lottery industry at a global level. These green and white papers serve to provide guidance, clarity, and a unified opinion on current matters of importance to the industry.

Currently, the WLA publishes both green and white papers in the form of discussion papers and position papers respectively.

  • Discussion Papers have been drafted by professionals from within and outside the lottery and sports betting industries in direct consultation with the WLA Executive Director. The aim of these papers is to provide our membership with information and data on contemporary issues that is both useful and relevant to the global lottery industry. In so doing, we hope to complement services that are already provided by the regional associations with services that are pertinent to the international lottery community as a whole.

    Currently, discussion papers are available on the topics "Online gaming for lotteries", "Social gaming and lotteries", and "Sports integrity and lotteries"
  • Position Papers outline the WLA's position or orientation on topics of emerging importance to the lottery industry; the nature of the WLA's stated positions may evolve as the conversation on topics of emerging importance converges to a common or industry-wide understanding over time. Position papers have been drafted by the WLA internally, sometimes with assistance from within and outside the lottery and sports betting industries.

    Currently, position papers are available on the topic of "Illegal gaming".
Position papers available for download