Lottery 101

Lottery 101 provides participants with an overall impression of lottery operations, compares various lottery business models, discusses practices of lotteries across the globe, and delivers an extensive overview of all aspects of the regulatory and competitive environment of the gaming market in which lotteries compete and operate worldwide.

Covering all phases of the lottery lifecycle, you will gain insight into future directions for lottery products and learn about internationally recognized policies, programs, and codes of practice for consumer protection – everything you need to successfully lead a state-authorized lottery business.

Learning program

This course includes a series of modules that cover the main aspects of the international lottery business model:

Training content

Modules Description
General background: The lottery industry Understanding the lottery industry
Understanding the WLA
Lottery products Product mix
Instant ticket games
Internet and electronic lottery products
Lottery operations Advertising and marketing
Supply chain management
Distribution channels
Policies, programs, and codes of practice
for consumer protection
 WLA Responsible Gaming Framework
WLA Security Control Standard
Illegal gaming
Present challenges Host lottery current situation
Response to industry challenges

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course your participants will be able to:

  • Understand the unique role of a lottery business for the society,
  • Identify how technology is changing traditional lottery business models and traditional approaches to the lottery business,
  • Identify present challenges faced by lotteries around the world,
  • Determine effective responses to current lottery challenges,
  • Understand international programs and policies for the development of a globally trusted brand.

Benefit from Lottery 101 by sending your new hires to this comprehensive induction course.

This course will be hosted by WLA members, in collaboration with the Regional Associations.