Annual Review

The WLA annual Year in Review provides a brief, yet comprehensive retrospective of WLA endeavors and achievements of the past year, including relevant facts and figures. It also offers a brief glance as to what is planned for the coming year. As of 2024, The Year in Review is available on the WLA publications hub.

The year 2022 in review

In 2022, the world lottery community continued the remarkable recovery first witnessed in 2021, with many countries beginning to turn a page on the global COVID-19 pandemic. The global lottery and sports betting industries eased into a new normal, embracing the changes wrought and the important lessons learned by events since 2020. This 'new normal' was a particular highlight of the World Lottery Summit (WLS) 2022, the jewel in the industry calendar and the first WLA biennial convention to be held in person since WLS 2018. The Year in Review reflects back on both WLS 2022 and the WLA's other accomplishments in the year past, and offers a glimpse into what the association has in store going forward in the near term.

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The year 2021 in review

After the pandemic lockdown of 2020, the world lottery community saw a remarkable recovery in 2021, sometimes reaching record levels in overall sales. The pandemic brought to light the need for us to adapt and innovate. The WLA tailored its member services to accommodate the needs of member lotteries throughout 2021. This was most apparent in the WLA’s continuing education program, with all educational events held online in webinar format. The Year in Review provides a retrospective of the WLA’s mission objectives and achievements in 2021 and offers a brief look into what we have in store for the near future.

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The year 2020 in review

The year 2020 was dominated by the crisis of the global pandemic. Even as the economy worldwide was savaged by the pandemic, the lottery sector remained resilient. Throughout the crisis, the WLA continued to serve its members with verve and fortitude, moving live events online and continually updating WLA members on the performance of the lottery sector under the crushing weight of COVID-19.

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The year 2019 in review

An important milestone was reached in 2019: The WLA celebrated two decades of serving the world lottery community. The past twelve months were also a time of change for the WLA, with the association welcoming a new president and a new executive director. Packed with key facts and figures, the WLA Year in Review offers a brief yet comprehensive retrospective of the WLA’s endeavors and achievements for 2019. It also features a brief glance as to what the WLA has planned for 2020.​

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The year 2018 in review

In 2018, the WLA continued to act as the global standard-bearer for the state-regulated gaming industry, supporting state-sanctioned lotteries in their august mission of raising funds for good causes. The association vigorously promoted the remarkable contributions to society made by its members, while simultaneously defending the lottery industry's core values of integrity, security, fair play, and responsible gaming. These developments were reflected in the WLA's activities, such as publicizing and promoting the USD 82.3 billion WLA members returned to society in 2018 and supporting member lotteries and other relevant stakeholders in the fight against illegal gaming, synthetic lotteries, and match-fixing in sport.

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The year 2017 in review

In 2017, at the global level, we once again provided a robust framework for professional development and continuous improvement. We maintained a set of world-class tools and standards that help our members, on a daily basis, to demonstrate the materiality of their responsible gaming and security control measures. We continued to liaise between the five regional lottery associations to develop synergies and enable lottery professionals to leverage the insights and experience of their peers around the world.

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The year 2016 in review

Throughout 2016, the World Lottery Association continued to assume its role as the global support orga- nization for state lottery operators, offering a range of professional services that help members around the world to provide a safe and responsible environment for their players.

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The year 2015 in review

In the ever-changing landscape of the lottery industry, what distinguishes WLA member lotteries from the for profit gaming industry is their noble mission of raising funds for good causes. Each year, the majority of the pro ts that we generate go to support the public treasury, education, sports, culture, and various social causes. WLA member lotteries play a significant role in building a better society. The principle that lottery profits must be returned to society is at the heart of the WLA mission and it reinforces the legitimacy of our lottery business.

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The year 2014 in review

The lottery business is unique in that it exists in the space between private and public sectors. In order for us to be successful, we need to be at home in both worlds. In the realm of private competitive business, we need to be innovative, creative, and courageous, in order to provide attractive and entertaining gaming products to our players. However, it matters not only how we develop our products, but also how we deliver them. In the public sector domain, we need to show patience, empathy, and respect, always mindful of the laws and cultural differences arising from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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A look back at the year 2013 and a preview of things to come

The WLA enjoyed many moments of success in 2013. Thanks to our members and contributors, the association continues to grow and prosper. 2013 was characterized by many highlights and we look forward to carrying that momentum into the new year.

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