ULIS (United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports) is a global non-profit association, with a multi-stakeholder network, that supports licensed state lotteries in their mission to ensure integrity in sport by acting as a beacon to guide you, navigate, and proactively manage the complex world of sports.

As such, ULIS offers a complete ecosystem of preventive (education, training, networking) and interventional (monitoring, detection, reporting, stakeholder and law enforcement collaboration) services that are lottery savvy. ULIS serves licensed state lotteries and lottery associations, lottery suppliers, but also other sports integrity associations, sports entities, national gambling bodies, law enforcement agencies and intergovernmental bodies, providing them with benefits that only a global expert and community of like-minded professionals can, by offering a complete set of services under one roof.



For more information on joining the ULIS network, please visit the ULIS website.