The WLA is committed to sharing knowledge and experience amongst its members and to provide educational and professional development services (conferences, seminars), information and reference services to our members and to improving their business in the interest of stakeholders as determined by the authorities in their respective jurisdictions.

The WLA Academy is a platform that offers a full program of seminars, workshops and round tables for top and mid-level managers as well as entry-level personnel. Throughout the year in different locations around the world, specialists from inside and outside the industry, including internationally respected academics, share their knowledge and insights to support the continuing education programs of WLA members.

The WLA also offers to its members the possibility for lottery staff to attend educational offers through the scholarship program. The scholarship program was launched in 2013 to encourage lottery
professionals from around the world to participate as speakers at WLA seminars and to offer selected lottery staff a chance to take part in educational events that they might not be able to attend without WLA support. It also allows the other delegates to benefit from their experiences. As such, the scholarship program provides a unique opportunity for lottery professionals to share their experiences and learn from their peers.

Since the program began in 2013, more than 130 people have taken part. In 2019, a total of 14 lottery professionals benefited from the scholarship program either as speakers or participants.


Applicants who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply for a WLA scholarship:

  • Work for a Regular Member (lottery operator) institution of the WLA
  • Clearly show motivation and strong commitment
  • Have thorough knowledge of the language of instruction
  • Are over 18 at the time of submitting the application. There is no age limit.

How to apply

To apply for a WLA scholarship, please download and complete the application form and return it to the WLA Business Office along with any accompanying supporting documentation including registration forms for the WLA event the applicant seeks to attend. Candidates for WLA scholarships must be approved and nominated by their respective Regional Associations prior to any application.


For more information about the WLA scholarship program please contact us at the WLA Business Office.

Download the WLA Scholarship Program application form