Regular Members (Lottery and Betting Operators)

WLA Regular Members are officially authorized entities that offer lottery games (lotto, classic lotteries, instant games, on- and off-line lottery games, video lottery) and/or betting games (toto, sports betting, sports lotteries, and betting on horse racing) in a regulated environment.

For WLA Members, membership is granted by the WLA General Assembly, which is held every two years. After approval by the WLA Executive Committee, applicants become provisional members until the final decision of the General Assembly.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible to become a WLA Regular Member,

  • The member organization must be licensed or authorized to conduct lotteries and/or sports betting operations by a jurisdiction domiciled in a state recognized by the United Nations.
  • Sales of games of chance and/or skill must account for the majority of the organization's total annual gross revenues.
  • The majority of the organization's net revenues must be dedicated to the public good.
  • The organization's business practices must conform to the aims and objectives of the WLA.
  • The organization must subscribe to the WLA Code of Conduct as approved by the membership or to an equivalent Code of Conduct adopted by a regional lottery association.

Membership fees

Fees depend on the applicant organization's annual revenues. The current fee structure is as follows:

Gross Sales (USD) Fees (CHF)
Up to 100 million 4,900
100 to 500 million 5,600
500 million to 1 billion 8,400
1 to 4 billion 14,000
Over 4 billion 21,000


For questions about regular (lottery and sports betting organization) membership, please contact the WLA Business Office for more information.