Collaborating Members

WLA Collaborating Members are either stakeholders (shareholders) of existing WLA Regular Members, or organizations (excluding retailers and retailer associations) authorized to offer lottery games and products on behalf of an existing WLA Regular Member. Collaborating members do not have voting rights but can, where applicable, participate in WLA certification programs and activities.

For WLA Collaborating Members, a written endorsement by the WLA Regular Member in question must be provided. Upon receipt of an application for admission as a member the Executive Committee may approve the applicant, upon such conditions and payments of dues as the Executive Committee may establish, as a Provisional Member until accepted as a member at the next General Meeting or Special Meeting. Failing such acceptance, the applicant ceases to be a Provisional Member.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for Collaborating Membership, an organization must either be:

  • Owned by a jurisdiction in a country recognized by the United Nations that is not identified as having strategic deficiencies by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, and be a shareholder of a WLA member


  • Licensed or authorized, by an above mentioned jurisdiction, to offer the Lottery Games of a WLA member in that jurisdiction provided that the organization has the approval of the WLA member in question. For greater clarity, this provision does not apply to retailers or retailer associations.

Collaborating members’ business practices must be compatible with the aims and objectives of the WLA.

Membership fees

The annual dues payable by Collaborating Member of the Association are paid in Swiss Francs and are equal to the lowest fee applicable to Associate Members. Currently the dues are fixed at CHF 7,000.


For questions about collaborating membership, please contact the WLA Business Office for more information.