Associate Members (Lottery and Betting Suppliers)

WLA Associate Members are suppliers or prospective suppliers of goods or services to the lottery and/or sports betting industries. Current associate members include suppliers of online and off-line systems, terminals, printers, video lottery terminals, special papers, vending machines, dispensers and drawing machines, telecommunication organizations, ticket printers, game designers, marketing and advertising specialists, consultants, auditors and trade magazines.

For WLA Associate Members, the application for associate membership needs to be endorsed by at least two Regular Members (lottery operators) and approved by the Executive Committee. Each letter of endorsement will have to be signed by the lottery member’s CEO.

An application must be received a minimum 25 business days before the Executive Committee meeting in order to be considered at the next meeting. This will allow the WLA Business Office to verify certain aspects of the application (internet, Regional Association comments etc.) and inform the Executive Committee members of the results so that their comments, if any, can be received before the Executive Committee documents are sent out.

Terms and conditions

Any supplier or prospective supplier of goods or services to the lottery or sports betting industry is eligible for associate membership. The organization's business practices must conform to the aims and objectives of the WLA.

Membership fees

Fees depend on the applicant organization's annual lottery industry-related sales. The current fee structure is as follows:

Lottery-related sales (USD) Fees (CHF)
Up to 500 million 7,000
500 million to 1 billion 8,400
Over 1 billion 14,000


For questions about associate membership, please contact the WLA Business Office for more information.