PHOENIX, AZ, October 25, 2023 – The Arizona Lottery is proud to announce that its innovative advertising campaign, "Arizona Adventure," has received the prestigious Gold award at the Graphis Advertising Awards 2024. This recognition stands as a testament to the creative excellence and outstanding achievement in promoting player engagement and showcasing the natural beauty of the state.

The Arizona Adventure ticket and companion promotion was conceptualized by the Arizona Lottery Marketing and Products team and developed in partnership with OH Partners, Arizona State Parks, and artist Febin Raj.The tickets set out with a mission to enhance player engagement by encouraging exploration of the diverse landscapes of Arizona. The concept revolved around the idea of experiencing an adventure with the Arizona Lottery as a guide, allowing players to appreciate the state's beauty and distinct biomes, from the southern deserts to the northern forests.

The campaign combined a unique lottery ticket series featuring custom illustrations, a self-guided adventure, an integrated social media campaign, word-of-mouth marketing, and a celebration of Arizona's natural wonders. Players were invited to embark on an adventure in three simple steps:

  1. Log On: Players could explore the website, which served as the hub for various adventures at 12 state parks.
  2. Check-In: Upon reaching an adventure location and confirming their coordinates, players could "check-in" to that destination to earn entries into the drawing for a chance to win exciting trips and cash prizes.
  3. Enter Tickets: A nature-themed, limited-time Scratchers® game accompanied the promotion, offering another opportunity for players to earn entries into the promotion.

This campaign addressed the challenges posed by the pandemic, as consumers were hesitant to attend live events. As outdoor activities became more popular, "Arizona Adventure" engaged people interested in exploring, and offered a sense of connection with the community. The Arizona Lottery served as the ultimate guide for players seeking outdoor adventure and a connection with their beautiful home state.

The "Arizona Adventure" Scratchers ticket not only became the top-performing $5 ticket during the campaign, but also accounted for an impressive 15% of sales among eligible tickets for the promotion. Such success led to a complete distribution of the ticket before the promotion's conclusion.

Additionally, the campaign influenced a remarkable 52% of outdoor enthusiasts to purchase the ticket, surpassing the 35% industry norm. Impressively, it delivered 3.9 million geographically-triggered impressions, further emphasizing its broad reach and engagement.

Notably, "Arizona Adventure" was selected as one of the 4,000 finalists for the 2023 Communication Arts Illustration Awards, solidifying its position as an exemplary illustration project.

The Arizona Lottery commends the entire team behind the "Arizona Adventure" campaign for their dedication, creativity, and commitment to making this campaign a resounding success. The Gold award at the Graphis. Advertising Awards 2024 is a testament to their extraordinary achievements in showcasing the beauty and adventure that Arizona has to offer.

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