Certification Levels – Showcasing Dedication: For WLA members, obtaining Responsible Gaming Certification is a powerful way to showcase their lottery’s dedication to implementing and continuously improving their responsible gaming programs.

Certification Levels:

Level 1: Commitment

  • All WLA members commit to embracing WLA Responsible Gaming Principles. It is a membership requirement

Level 2: Self-Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • Members conduct self-assessment to identify gaps in existing responsible gaming programs.
  • A critical step to tailor strategies for effective implementation.

Level 3: Planning and Implementation

  • Members develop a comprehensive plan, timetable, and budget for specific responsible gaming programs.
  • Ensures a strategic and organized approach to implementation.

Level 4: Continuous Improvement

  • Members actively implement responsible gaming programs into daily operations.
  • Emphasizes a commitment to ongoing enhancement and adaptation.

Why Certification Matters

Beyond compliance, each level of certification reflects a commitment to creating a safer and more responsible gaming environment. It's not just about meeting standards; it's about actively contributing to a positive gaming landscape.

Find out more about getting certified by visiting the DigitalRG platform, or contacting the WLA directly.

Certify with Confidence: Navigating WLA's RG Levels on digitalRG.com

On March 6, a webinar hosted by Lynne Roiter, WLA Secretary-General, will guide participants through the intricacies of digitalRG.com, the platform for submitting WLA RG certification applications. It will provide the knowledge and insights to navigate the submission process seamlessly.

Find out more and register here: