In our first 2023 edition of the WLA Magazine 60 – Technology, trends and the lotteries – WLA President, Rebecca Paul, gives an interview in which she discusses how technologies are being used to enhance products and services and also provides insights on marketing trends in the US and Latin America, as well as aspects for lotteries and sports betting operators to consider for digital marketing.

Supporting the lotteries

WLA Platinum Members, SG, IGT and Pollard Banknote introduce readers to their latest products and solutions, which support the lotteries and enable them to adapt to player needs and enhance their experience, while ensuring versatility and reliability.

Members around the world

We also get insights from member lotteries in our five global regions about the trends and aspects unique to their locations that have been shaping their operations.

On the African continent, as a way to combat the significant rise in illegal betting operations in Morocco, la Marocaine des jeux et des sports (MDJS) took a number of actions to advance its digital offerings, which also resulted in the enhancement of omnichannel.

In Asia Pacific, we discover how creative thinking has led to more than just successful sales at Singapore Pools, it has further enhanced our brand and brought to the forefront the core of our work to raise funds for good causes and help many different communities.

For those considering reaching audiences through increased video content, the article on The China Sports Lottery has some great ideas for leveraging such visuals on social media platforms.

Moving on to Europe, we learn how Austrian Lotteries (OLG) tapped into evolving consumer behavior throughout the pandemic, adopting a truly customer-centric approach and rethinking some of its offerings.

In North America, some lotteries are developing new national branding opportunities thanks to the unique multi-jurisdictional game platforms, while in Latin America, we see how Brazilian Loterias CAIXA has transformed its products and broadened its reach through a revitalized brand reinforcement strategy and use of new communication channels.

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