In recent years, online sports betting has flourished. An increasing number of jurisdictions have legalized online betting, and advances in technology continue to enable the rapid growth of online betting products and services. Unfortunately, such technologies have also enabled a boom for online sports betting in the illegal betting industry.

Illegal betting operations may negatively affect many people, including athletes, clubs, federations, sports fans, WLA members and their customers, but it goes even further. As is the case with illegal lotteries, the loss of funds from unpaid taxes by illegal betting operators also results in less support for many important good causes worldwide.

In this issue, WLA President, Rebecca Paul, and Chair of the WLA Illegal Lottery and Betting Committee, Andreas Kötter, elaborate on the diverse activities to support WLA members and help fight global illegal betting operations together.

We also hear from some members about the work they are undertaking, for instance, Singapore Pools is using artificial intelligence to develop a way to size the illegal betting market in Singapore; the Hong Kong Jockey Club provides an overview of illegal betting on lotteries in Hong Kong and research into wider illegal betting trends across Asia and the world. In Uruguay, we learn of some of the effective measures being taken to tackle illegal activities.

With several unusual lottery draws having occurred over the past two years, we examine the benefits of random number generation (RNG) systems and the steps taken to ensure the lotteries maintain the integrity of their operations.

Our Platinum Contributors discuss successful product launches in Poland and Turkey, and give insights into player engagement strategies. We also welcome and hear from new Platinum Contributor, Intralot, and new Gold Contributor, OpenBet.

We hope you enjoy this issue.