Our final magazine this year is dedicated to the theme of certification, the benefits derived from it, and the confidence it instils in our industry.

At WLA, we work hard to improve the tools we develop to assist its members achieve their goals of raising money for many great causes. As technology develops, we follow closely. The WLA Security Risk Management Committee (SRMC) discusses the work of the past couple of years to update the highly anticipated next iteration of the WLA SCS:2024, due out in October next year.

We also hear more about a survey run by the SRMC and the next actions WLA will take, based on the results, to enhance the support we give our members for managing different types of risk.

Technology is key to delivering responsible gaming environments in our increasingly digital world. We learn how Singapore Pools has developed an applications using artificial intelligence to enhance the safety of all, but especially players who may show signs of at-risk gaming behavior.

We also find out more about the implementation at Uruguay Lottery LaBanca of a sustainable policy across its business model, with RG at the heart of its business strategy.

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