Back to the future! Celebrating 20 years of lottery marketing success

WLA/EL Marketing Seminar
London, UK
February 3–4, 2022

For WLA and EL Members only!

The 2022 edition of the WLA/EL Marketing Seminar will mark a special occasion. Celebrating the last 20 years of this iconic WLA/EL Marketing event, we will reflect on the opportunities lie ahead of us and marketing trends that will shape the lottery sector going forward.

Together with lottery professionals, industry leaders, and experts from different national markets around the world, the Marketing Seminar will take stock of topics that have remained relevant the past 20 years and explore completely new themes that will shape the future of our lotteries. These themes will include historic TV game shows and live draws, retail, advertising, sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovation. A panel discussion will look at lessons learned from the pandemic as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This is a great opportunity for us to both reflect on the past and also to plan for the future.

The WLA and EL welcome participants back to the city of London to once again meet in person, network, and exchange expertise and experiences. The creativity and imagination of our lottery marketeers is that fresh air we have all been longing for!

Let’s go back to the future!

The program and the registration details will be published soon. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer on COVID-19 & Brexit

WLA and EL want to raise the attention of the participants that they are obliged to comply with the COVID-19 rules applicable in the UK at the time of and during the event and are considered to have checked by themselves the rules applicable at that moment at this location. It may be required to wear a face mask and/or to show a Covid-19 safe/test pass at various locations, and/or take a test on arrival. Access can be refused to any participant who does not comply with the applicable rules. WLA and EL cannot be held responsible, not even for any third party’s obligation to check compliance according to the rules applicable to them, nor be obliged to inform participants about the applicable rules, nor about the potential health risks for the participants who judge by themselves if they consider it safe to participate. Compliance is the sole and exclusive responsibility of every individual participant.

Please also check the entry requirements following the exit of the UK from the EU. More information available at