In order to facilitate the process, IGT has developed a White Paper entitled Submitting wagering apps to the Google Play Store, which provides useful tips on what to consider and include for a successful, rapid submission.

Key findings

It is vital to follow latest guidelines published on Google developer forums to achieve as smooth a review process as possible.

Before submitting the app for review, the Lottery account administrator should submit the Gambling Application Form to Google Play for approval.

It also advises to upgrade the app regularly, potentially annually to the latest version of the software development kit (SDK), so that the version remains up to date with new features.


The White Paper recommends the areas for which builds and screenshots should be included, and notes that attention should be paid to signature issues and same signing keys.

Key content for app submission

The following items must be included in the app submission:

  • Login credentials
  • Sensitive permission declaration
  • Meta data information
  • Feature age restriction labels
  • Compliance
  • RG details in the app description section
  • Privacy policy
  • Permission services

Finally, it is important to test the app for any issues before submitting it to Google Play Store, and to deliver as far as possible, the final app version to avoid delays that come when resubmitting new builds of the same app.