Genius Sports Limited (“Genius Sports”) has struck a new partnership with the Lithuanian Basketball League (“Betsafe-LKL”), one of the premier leagues in European basketball, to implement its computer vision system in every venue.

Betsafe-LKL will become the first basketball league to automate the capture of eventing data, rich tracking data and broadcast-quality live video production via a single system. Using its unique AI capabilities, Genius Sports will transform this data and video into greater insights, immersive fan experiences and new sponsorship opportunities for the league and its teams.

Genius Sports uses AI to read, process and understand gameplay in real-time to contextualise every aspect of the game, using the language of coaches, players, and fans.

All Betsafe-LKL teams will have access to Genius Sports’ Insight tool, a cutting-edge coaching and analysis solution used by every NBA team. Insight synchronises granular tracking data with video to help analysts instantly find answers to their most detailed tactical and performance questions.

Furthermore, with the help of AI-driven augmentation technology, Genius Sports will power new broadcast experiences for Betsafe-LKL fans. This includes enhancing live broadcast video with real-time data and graphics, as well as powering new sponsorable inventory for the league’s commercial partners.

This agreement follows Genius Sports’ recently expanded partnership with FIBA, the world governing body of basketball. Betsafe-LKL has begun the rollout of Genius Sports’ computer vision system with all stadiums to be completed in time for the 2024/25 season.

“Over the past decade, the Betsafe-LKL has significantly changed its image – it is a bold organisation that keeps pace with modern technologies and the opportunities they provide,” said Rasa Liuimiene, Chief Executive Officer of the Lithuanian Basketball League.

“Boldness and uniqueness perfectly characterise the Betsafe-LKL. We are delighted to be partnering with Genius Sports to bring unique Al-powered tracking technology to Betsafe-LKL competitions, which will enable us jointly to offer Betsafe-LKL clubs, their administration and basketball coaches state-of-the-art tools to enhance performance analysis, power immersive fan experiences and generate new sponsorship opportunities.”

“Our new partnership with Betsafe-LKL to rollout our AI-powered technology marks a pivotal moment for the league and world basketball,” said Jonny Katanchian, Head of Sports and Broadcast at Genius Sports. “Across on-court performance, digital fan experiences and new revenue platforms, our technology will transform the LKL’s entire operation, unlocking the full value of tracking data and video through the power of AI.”