During the four-day event – opened by the APLA Chair, Sue van der Merwe – experts from the region gave unique perspectives on the latest trends and the impact they are having on branding strategies and marketing and sales for the lottery and sports betting world.

World Lottery Association representatives discussed WLA activities, which support its global members and help them to achieve their goals of raising money for good causes in a responsible, ethical way, by providing a range of lottery and betting related services and tools.

Combatting illegal betting

“We’re very dedicated to combatting illegal lottery operations around the world through the work of our Illegal Lotteries and Betting Committee,” said WLA President Rebecca Paul.

This year the ILBC published an informative brochure on Combatting illegal betting to protect the integrity of sports which examines the trends and technologies that have contributed to the global expansion of illegal betting operators, and the impact that such operators have on the legal lottery and sports betting sector.

Given the complex and transnational nature of illegal betting operations, it is imperative to work with as many partners as possible.

“We collaborate with a growing number of organizations, such as the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), and other stakeholders including the Council of Europe, Interpol, and numerous national and international sports federations,” said Paul.

WLA President Rebecca Paul

Ensuring secure and responsible gaming operations

One of the greatest risks faced by businesses today is a breach of cyber security and data privacy. The WLA Security and Risk Management Committee (SRMC) developed the WLA Security Control Standard.

Lotteries and their suppliers who complete certification to the international standards are able to demonstrate the security of their online operations, while enhancing their risk management processes. More than half of all WLA members are certified to the standard across all global regions.

A member of the SRMC provided updates on the Committee’s activities and WLA members from Malaysia and Singapore shared their experience of certification to the WLA Security Control Standard.

Responsible gaming is a key part of WLA Corporate Social Responsibility and essential for its members to grow their businesses and contributions to good causes, while facilitating a safe, responsible environment for players.

Currently, over 60 percent of WLA members are certified to level 2 or higher of the RG Framework. The Chair of the WLA RG Committee gave further updates and the audience learned of the steps taken by Malaysia and Vietnam to gain their RG certification.

From marketing trends to innovative technologies

WLA members and suppliers (WLA Platinum and Gold contributors) in the Asia Pacific region discussed diverse topics that are shaping the lotteries and sports betting landscape.

This included trends in a post-COVID world, popular betting products and the importance of branding, as well as sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) and how it applies to the lotteries.

Other speakers covered the application of innovative technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.