Integrity, fairness, and honesty are as essential for sports as they are for the lottery sector. As such, the world lottery and sports betting community has an obligation to do all it can to contribute to the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions. In 2014 the Council of Europe established the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competition – also known as the Macolin Convention. The WLA was among the parties that created the initial draft of the Macolin Convention. The final draft of the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competition was the combined effort of over 50 states worldwide. Since the Macolin Convention was established, it has been staunchly sported by the WLA, the European Lotteries, and the Global Lottery Monitoring System.

We are pleased to announce that WLA has published a guide to the Macolin Convention, so that all WLA members may gain a better understanding of its significance. The guide gives a brief history of the Macolin Convention and outlines some of its most significant provisions. It also explains why the Macolin Convention is important to the lottery and sports betting sector, and how WLA member lotteries can play a vital role in getting the Macolin Convention ratified by state legislators in their respective jurisdictions.

The Guide to the Macolin Convention is now available for download from the WLA website. We hope you will take the time to read this important document.