Smartplay International’s Response to Security Needs

In response to this demand, global lottery equipment provider Smartplay International has announced the introduction of additional features for lottery draw machines aimed at enhancing transparency and security. Partnering with lottery systems provider Alot Systems on developing these new features, they are especially beneficial to underwriters which take the risk on large jackpots.

New Features for Increased Security

SmartIntrusion: Previously a standard feature on Smartplay’s digital draw systems, SmartIntrusion is now available on physical machines. It monitors access to the machine’s internal components. This hardware intrusion detection system detects breaches to the machine’s electrical components and reports a status when triggered. The system includes a battery backup for continuous monitoring, regardless of the machine’s power status.

Secure Logging and Report Generation: Machines can now archive logs internally. These logs record game time, date, start method, machine serial number, draw results, SmartAudit QR code, and RFID data. The draw data is stored per game in .pdf, .txt, and .xml formats.

SmartAudit Signature Scanner: SmartAudit employs RSA key pairs, created and stored on the machine, which are used to verify the QR code on the official game report via the SmartAudit Signature Scanner.

This scanner allows users to scan the draw report QR code to confirm the validity of each game and the authenticity of the draw machine used. A basic webcam is all that’s needed to scan the reports.

Web User Interface: Draw machine information, along with logs and reports, can be securely accessed through any web browser on a networked PC. This allows auditors and operators to obtain draw data, signature, public key, and a PDF of the draw report from the machine using HTTPS. A draw report can now be generated directly from the machine, eliminating the need for any external workstation or software system.

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