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WLA Responsible Gaming Framework – Reporting Guide

In order to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among WLA members, the WLA office has compiled a list of RGF certified members who currently produce public CSR, sustainability or responsible gaming reports, or make other types of public disclosures about their responsible gaming programs (e.g. in their annual financial reports or via their web-site).

The list has been compiled based on publicly available information, and listed members are invited to submit further information relating to their public reporting should they wish to do so. The WLA also invites listed members to inform the WLA Montreal office of any updates they wish to make to their individual entries.

Beyond general knowledge sharing about responsible gaming, the specific purpose of this list is to enable members to progress the 10th RGF program element relating to 'reporting and measurement'. We hope that you will find this helpful and informative for your learning and benchmarking efforts.

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Australia Lotterywest Public reporting is produced by Lotterywest annually and presented within its Annual Report. The Lotterywest Annual Report is distributed widely across the industry and its retail network, internationally and nationally to stakeholders and is available on-line for the public to access. For more information click here.
New Zealand Lotto New Zealand Lotto New Zealand publishes information on its responsible gambling activity each year in its Annual Report, including annual statistics from the Ministry of Health on the state of problem gambling in New Zealand and the number of people who cite Lotto New Zealand products as their primary form of problem gambling.
Copies of the Annual Report are supplied to each library in New Zealand and it is also available for download from the Lotto New Zealand website. Each retail store and other key stakeholders are also sent a copy of the report.
Lotto New Zealand also publishes information on planned responsible gambling initiatives in its Statement of Intent.
Slovakia TIPOS TIPOS informs its partners, employees and players about its activities relating to Responsible Gaming, as well as problem gambling, by means of several channels; at its Website, in mass media through press conferences and press releases, by means of coverage in TV and at trainings.
Slovenia Sportna Loterija Sportna Loterija informs the public on its Responsible Gaming activities through its Website. It also publishes information in its Annual Report as well as in brochures.
Poland Totalizator Sportowy
Sp. z o.o.
Totalizator Sportowy intends to publish its sustainable development report every two years. Previous reports were published annually. Our goal is to cover all CSR issues including Responsible Gaming. We provide our stakeholders with information about CSR activities that were carried out in reporting period. We would like to present our approach to sustainable development. Our reports are based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.
Singapore Singapore Pools Singapore Pools’ RG philosophies, practices and measures are published in its corporate website and is accessible to the general
Public. Click here.
Pools’ management also reports to staff, retailers and business partners during the annual Responsible Gaming Week, through meetings and presentations during the gatherings to communicate on various RG related key initiatives and achievements.
South Korea Sports Toto Co Sports Toto Co advertises its RG activities through the Sports TOTO website.
The home page explains the purpose and principles of the RG programs as well as activities concerning each of the ten elements of the WLA RGF.
USA Kentucky Lottery A set-aside section in the KLC’s annual report each year covers RG work undertaken by the organization. The Play Responsibly logo and 1-800-GAMBLER number are actively promoted on their Website.
  Tennessee Education Lottery

Problem Gambling Resources
Annual report that addresses Responsible Gaming

Australia SA Lotteries The sections relating to responsible gambling practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives are included in SA Lotteries’ annual report and published in its Website.
Austria Österreichische Lotterien Österreichische Lotterien reports on responsible gaming in its Annual Report, which is available to the public at the following Link.
Belgium Loterie Nationale Loterie Nationale plans to publicly report on its Responsible Gaming programs in its Annual Report. The Lottery commits to publish annually the Responsible Gaming Report as part of the Annual Report. For more information click here.
Canada ALC Atlantic Lottery Corporation reports on responsible gaming through its Website.
Canada BCLC BCLC’s Annual Report and Service Plan have reported the progress the lottery has made in meeting responsible gaming goals. Both are available here.
Canada Loto-Québec A section of Responsible Gaming is included in Loto-Québec’s Annual Report, which is made available for the public: click here.
There is also a complete section on RG available at this link.
Canada Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries publishes a corporate responsibility report covering business activities in its liquor, cannabis, gaming and entertainment lines of business. The reporting is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Core option. The Standards are widely used around the world to help organizations report consistently and transparently on their most critical economic, environmental and social priorities, performance and impacts. In addition to disclosures developed by the GRI, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries includes disclosures that are specific to their sector and reflect metrics they use to measure their continued progress. The most recent reports are available at this link https://www.mbll.ca/content/reports-and-highlights.
Canada NSGC Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation reports on its Responsible Gaming initiatives during its annual Responsible Gaming Week, through the RG section in its Website and on its Annual Report.
Canada OLG OLG has been publicly reporting on its commitments, initiatives and performance in RG on a variety of communications platforms, including the OLG website and annual report. Reporting on RG in OLG’s Annual Report began in 1995-96. Audiences for its public reports include the general public, players, media, RG stakeholders and government. On-line versions of all OLG reports are available on the corporate web site and on www.KnowYourLimit.ca and printed versions are made available at community events and various stakeholder meetings.
OLG’s Annual Reports highlight such activities and accomplishments as the operation of Responsible Gaming Information Centres, research projects with OPGRC, staff awareness and training, a long-standing gambling prevention initiative, and stakeholder engagement activities.
Croatia Hrvatska Lutrija Hrvatska Lutrija informs the public on its Responsible Gaming activities by publishing the information on their Website; through the special section on Responsible Gaming incorporated in the Annual Report (published on the Website as well); through press conferences and press releases in mass media; internal magazine for the employees;  by taking part in seminars, conferences and public debates on Responsible Gaming and problem gambling. The 2010 Annual report in English can be found here.
Finland Veikkaus Oy Veikkaus’ CSR report and Annual Report 2010 is available in English on their Website.
Information concerning Veikkaus’ CSR activities is included in the report, for instance: stakeholder engagement and CSR program
France Française des Jeux The Française des Jeux reports on its RG commitment and initiatives through publications on its Website.
Germany Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin In addition to its Annual Report, the Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin issues a report on its Responsible Gaming activities and achievements. Said report is available in German and is published at its website.
Germany Lotto-Hamburg GmbH Lotto Hamburg issues an Annual Report in German that includes a section on Responsible Gaming strategies, activities and achievements. The Annual Report is published in the organization’s website. It is also presented to the State Authorities, Media and Press Agencies.
For the Regulator, the lottery issues a detailed Internal Report on all its RG activities.
Germany Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt reports on its RG strategies through its Annual Report available in German on its Website The lottery also organizes a RG Week every year and a workshop for the biggest gambling addiction aid centers in Saxony-Anhalt. Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt will also publish a RG report in the next few months and it will be made available to the public at its Website.
Germany Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen issues an Annual Report that includes a section on its Responsible Gaming strategies, activities and achievements. The Annual Report is published at its website.
Germany Westdeutsche Lotterie Westdeutsche Lotterie reports on its RG activities through its Annual Report, where there is a section dedicated to the topic and the English version is available here.
They also published a separate RG report this year, only available in German at this URL.
Hong Kong Hong Kong Jockey Club Since 2005, the Club has included a dedicated section in its corporate brochure describing the RGP, implementation measures and recent developments. The Club website contains links to pages covering the RGP, problem gambling warning signs, responsible gambling guidelines, and counselling service information.
The Club's RGP manual and leaflets are also available in all betting premises. In addition, there are references to responsible gambling developments in the Club’s annual report that can be found here.
Hungary Szerencsejáték zrt. Szerencsejáték zrt. has recently issued its first CSR report, which includes a section on responsible gaming. Said report is available at this link. Szerencsejáték zrt. aims to issue its CSR yearly.
Israel Mifal Hapais At the end of each year Mifal Hapais prepares a summary report of activities that includes a chapter on responsible gaming. The booklet is distributed to all municipalities with 5,000 inhabitants or more, to public libraries and is sent to all parties with vested interest in the organization, including the employees. Also, the Managing Director's address to the public on Mifal Hapais’ internet site includes a paragraph related to the organization's policy and strategy concerning responsible gaming. The English corporate website is currently under construction.
Italy Lottomatica SpA Lottomatica publicly makes available the annual Corporate Social Report at this link. It also publishes information on its Website’s Corporate Responsibility section.
  Sisal SpA Since 2009, Sisal Group have issued a CSR Annual Report with a dedicated event in which the company presented CSR and Responsible game strategy to all stakeholders involved. There is also a website section dedicated to responsible gaming.
CSR Report is also available online at the following links (English and Italian version):
2010 English version
2010 Italian Version
2009 Italian version (first edition)
Sisal Group communicates their commitment in Responsible Gaming also by means a dedicated publication and internally by section of intranet. Furthermore, at the beginning of 2011 a CSR newsletter was launched with a dedicated section of Responsible Gaming. There is also  ”Mondo Sisal” a leaflet edited every 3 months- target sales agent - in which  a section is always dedicated to Responsible Gaming.
Luxembourg Loterie Nationale Loterie Nationale issues an Annual Report that includes a section on Responsible Gaming. Said report is sent out to a selected list of people. It is not made available at its Website.
Norway Norsk Tipping Norsk Tipping annually issue an annual and social report. This report is used to communicate the company’s strategies, activities and achievements in all the fields that are important for the company, and responsible gaming is one of the most important field that are dealt with in this report. Every year the company focuses on giving a broad presentation on all the work and dialogue that Norsk Tipping has done and had in the RG field. The report is distributed to the company’s stakeholders, and is also published on the website.
Organizations and groups within the RG-field, such as interest groups, researchers, treatment personnel, etc. are one of the most important stakeholders for Norsk Tipping. Annually meetings are arranged where all these groups and organizations are invited. Norsk Tipping use newsletters, forums, e-mail and phones for the consecutive dialogue, and they attend the meetings and conferences.
Other channels are also used to communicate about their RG work, such as the company’s website and the RG-page. (Both in Norwegian)
Spain Loteria de Catalunya Loteria de Catalunya makes available its Responsible Gaming policies, as well as its RG programs at its Website at this link.
Spain ONCE ONCE includes a chapter in the Institutional Annual Report to inform about the most relevant actions related to Responsible Gaming. This chapter is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility polices developed in the organization. For more information click here.
In addition, ONCE uses other publications, written material and advertisement campaigns to inform stakeholders and society as a whole, and its Intranet to keep employees updated on such important matters.
Sweden Svenska Spel Svenska Spel publicly reports on its Responsible Gaming strategies, objectives and activities through its Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report available at its Website.
Switzerland Loterie Romande The stakeholders are regularly informed on the activities of Loterie Romande. The annual report or the social report includes primary information and a specific chapter related to the Responsible Gaming activities. They are distributed and available at a large scale. Its internet site also provides information related to Responsible gaming. For more information click here.
United Kingdom Camelot There is a section dedicated to Responsible Gaming in Camelot’s Stakeholder Report, which is published annually at its Website.
Camelot also publishes its Responsible Play strategy at its Website.

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