• 2022 revenue of €2.5 billion, up 9%, based on a 9% increase in stakes to €20.6 billion
    • After a first half of the year that benefited from the post-Covid recovery, the second half of the year was in line with the Group’s growth trajectory, with revenue up 6% (1), including the effect of the Football World Cup at the end of the year
    • In this exceptional environment, growth in all business activities and across all channels:
      • Significant growth in point-of-sale stakes (+8%) and sustained momentum in online stakes (+16%), which represent more than 12% of total stakes
      • Revenue up 11% for the lottery business and up 1% for sports betting and online gamingopen to competition (2)
    • Strengthened awareness-raising and control measures to prevent excessive and underage gambling, with more than 10% of the overall advertising budget dedicated to responsible gambling
  • Recurring EBITDA (3) of €590 million, up 13%, representing a margin of 24.0%, and net profit of €308 million
  • Growth benefiting all stakeholders
    • Significant economic and social contribution of €6.5 billion to GDP
      • 55,300 jobs sustained or created in France
      • €965 million paid to distributors
      • €684 million of purchases made in France
    • Profit-sharing and incentive bonuses representing 24% of total payroll
    • Dividend of €1.37 per share, i.e. 85% of consolidated net profit, up 10% from 2021, proposed to the shareholders at the general meeting to be held on 27 April 2023
  • 2023 targets: revenue growth of between 4% and 5% (4) and recurring EBITDA margin remaining around 24%

1) Excluding Aleda and L’Addition
2) Online gaming excluding lottery business. In France, authorised online gaming open to competition are sports betting, horse racing betting and poker.
3) Recurring EBITDA: recurring operating profit adjusted for depreciation and amortisation expense - definition unchanged from that of EBITDA
4) Based on a 2022 financial year including the acquisitions of Aleda and L’Addition on a full-year basis, i.e. €2,514 million

Download the PDF for in-depth information on FDJ’s results for 2022 and its outlook for 2023: