HELSINKI, August 11, 2021 – “Our future will be successful if we can adjust our operations to meet the demands of the operating environment while offering the players a responsible, high-quality customer experience,” says SVP, Channels and Sales, Mr Jari Heino.

It is especially the operating environment of the Channels and Sales function that has changed over the past years, with its business volume dropping. This means that we plan to adjust the size of our staff and to make our operations more efficient.

“We will continue to maintain an extensive network of retailers and game services, whilst making the operations of our gaming arcades more uniform. We also want to keep investing in our brick-and-mortar retail network and to work to preserve its vitality,” Mr Heino stresses.

Due to the changes, Veikkaus will launch co-operation negotiations on Monday 16 August, concerning ca. 830 people. According to current estimates, the projected measures may lead to personnel cuts of up to 200 employees. In addition, the terms of the employment contracts of ca. 330 employees may change essentially.

“We will plan the changes in a way that emphasizes our care for people in order that we can offer new jobs for as many Veikkaus employees as possible. One concrete example of this is Casino Tampere, to be opened in December, which has job openings for about 50 gaming industry professionals to work in a completely new type of a casino.”

“To secure the successful implementation of the change, we will launch a programme to ensure support to culture, knowhow, leadership, and supervisory work. Our goal is to secure the continuity of Veikkaus’ operations and to make sure that we continue to be a dynamic, responsible, modern company that strengthens the wellbeing of Finns,” Mr Heino says.

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