November 30, 2021 – CARRUS GAMING is delivering its latest ELITE-S terminal, using innovative imaging technology which offers high efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness for retailers. The middleware supplied with these 4,500 terminals as well as the TMS has been developed in partnership with FDJ Gaming Solutions, a subsidiary of the French lottery operator, la Française des Jeux.

With more than 25 years of experience in Point of Sale and Lottery / Betting technologies, CARRUS GAMING has already deployed over 330,000 terminals worldwide. Thanks to its industrial leadership and its capacity to innovate, CARRUS GAMING has been able to design the ELITE series, which enable operators to benefit from more than just a terminal and will allow VEIKKAUS to improve the retail experience for both customers and retailers.

The ELITE-Terminal offers speed and ease for processing documents (e.g. play slips, receipts, instant tickets, etc.) for retailers; as well as new opportunities for designing innovative play slips for special events and processing documents such as Identity Documents, bills, etc.

To date, more than 75,000 units of the ELITE Series have been sold worldwide, showing strong customer enthusiasm towards this groundbreaking technology.

About Veikkaus Oy

Veikkaus Oy started its operations at the beginning of 2017, as the Finnish gaming system was reformed and the previous three operators Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), and Veikkaus merged into a single gaming company owned by the Finnish State. The Finnish system is based on the exclusive right principle, with the purpose of operating games responsibly and mitigating the possible risks involved in gambling. The system secures the legal protection of those engaging in gambling and prevents gambling-related fraud. Veikkaus operates all the gambling games that are offered in Finland. The games fall into three major categories: Lucky Games, Slot Machines and Instant Games, and Skill Games.

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About Groupe Carrus

Groupe Carrus is a company specialized in providing services and technological solutions dedicated to lottery, horse racing and sports betting operators. Groupe Carrus is composed of 4 separate divisions:

designs, develops and offers terminals, software solutions and services to lotteries, as well as racing and sports betting operators. This division is a recent addition to the Group, done in 2020. With the acquisition of IDEMIA’s gaming terminal division, Groupe Carrus consolidates its presence among horse racing operators and diversifies into lottery and sports betting services.

is the longstanding company responsible for handling bets at racecourses, including logistics, technical solutions, and betting operations.

designs technological solutions for horse racing betting operators and is specialized in custom made Tote global solutions for betting operators.

Groupe Carrus also runs the San Sebastian racetrack in Spain’s Basque Autonomous Community, where it manages betting operations at the racecourse and across a chain of 12 betting shops in the region.

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