Next October 30th there will be an EXTRA JACKPOT in Totoloto, the very first special drawing! The amount of 5 million euros will be added to the value of the first prize.

The aforementioned changes allow adding value to this game with better prizes being awarded and making it more attractive and dynamic, while maintaining its main characteristics and the Brand's identity.

“It's easy, it's cheap and it gives millions”.

Launched in March 1985, Totoloto is one of the most popular social games. It has undergone several changes over the years, with the most significant change in the game model having been applied in 2011, when it went from a 6-number betting system to 5 numbers + 1 lucky number.

The first Draw held on March 30, 1985, had more than 11 million bets, about 2 million tickets. Two players hit the winning key sharing the first prize of approximately 19,000 “contos” (former portuguese currency).

The largest prize ever for this social game was awarded in 2015 and it was close to €19 million. In the last decade there have been more than 90 first prizes awarded in Totoloto.