Loterie Romande is using these three commercials, due to be broadcast on social networks from today, to remind people of gambling good practice: the minimum age is 18, a budget should be set, and gambling habits should be regularly evaluated using, for instance, the tools provided by the institution on its online gaming platform www.loro.ch.

Produced by the Baston agency, the campaign uses humour to convey its awareness-raising message. Each commercial centres on a strong attachment to an object, such as trainers, plants or garden gnomes. It draws parallels with gambling to emphasise the importance of setting limits even when enjoying something. Gambling, like any leisure or recreational activity, should retain its primary purpose, i.e. entertainment, and be practised in moderation.

Loterie Romande, a socially responsible player

In line with its games offering, Loterie Romande maintains a programme of social protection measures at its sales outlets and on its online gaming platform that is designed to protect all players, with a particular focus on vulnerable players.

“Loterie Romande faces a permanent challenge: to be attractive, but at the same time responsible in terms of doing what it can to mitigate the risks associated with gambling,” comments Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, Managing Director.

Loterie Romande is committed to maintaining this balance in order to ensure the sustainability of the profits distributed to public-interest projects and safeguard players against excessive gambling.