For many months now, cafés, bars and restaurants have been finding it an uphill struggle to cope with the economic repercussions from the public-health crisis. Considering this unprecedented, crisis state of affairs for very many businesses, Loterie Romande’s Board of Directors has decided to take action, earmarking exceptional aid to all of its sales partners working in the hospitality sector.

“Through this act of solidarity, Loterie Romande is demonstrating its wholehearted support for the hospitality industry, particularly as the sector gears itself up towards resuming business.”

– Jean-René Fournier, Chairman of Loterie Romande

In a gesture of support to bar, café and restaurant owners, who have seen their games-related revenues slump by 31%, Loterie Romande will be distributing a total of some 3.5 million francs. Each of those businesses being supported will receive a financial package of between 1,000 and 8,000 francs depending on the number and types of game they sell. The businesses will not have to apply to get this money, which will be paid out at the end of May 2021 to all businesses that are still going concerns as soon as health conditions allow, with nothing expected in return.

“In this climate that has been extremely harsh for many hospitality business owners in recent months, this financial boost from Loterie Romande is most welcome for the many businesses as they look to open their doors to customers again”

– Casimir Platzer, Chairman of GastroSuisse

Cafés, bars and restaurants that distribute the whole array of Loterie Romande’s games (Loto Express, Loterie électronique, PMU, scratch-cards and draw-based games) to their customers are vital links in Loterie Romande’s sales network numbering some 2,400 sales outlets throughout French-speaking Switzerland. All Loterie Romande sales outlets are remunerated by the company in the form of commission fees for distributing its games. These fees totalled almost 76 million francs in 2019, a sizeable sum being ploughed back into the local economy. This injection of funds helps breathe energy into the economic and social lives of towns and villages across the region.

“We are particularly pleased to receive this support which will help to cover the many costs we face. Loterie Romande is a partner we cannot be without, and I would like to thank the company for standing solidly alongside us.”

– Maria Leite Magalhães Coutinho, manager of the café-restaurant Chez Bela in Geneva

Through this financial support to cafés, bars and restaurants, Loterie Romande is strengthening its commitment to the local economy and giving proof of its strong sense of public responsibility and community spiritedness.


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