Since its inception in 1968, the NLC underwent numerous transformations. For decades, the state owned lottery has been offering entertaining games to its players whilst funding good causes of the Cypriot community. However, with the constant change in the market and societal demands, the NLC has taken the lead on creating and maintaining a safer gambling environment by integrating the best practices in terms of responsible gaming in its operation.

Rea Georgiou, the Accountant General of the Republic stated, “We are very proud today as the State is leading by example. The legislation is here as a basis but the Lottery is aiming to go beyond. Our Government has been advocating for safer gambling and by demonstrating our engagement, we do hope that other operators will reinvent themselves and improve their approach’’.

The responsible gaming programme of the Lottery has been crafted with the support of many partners. ‘’We thank all those involved in this process. Our journey was not an easy one. Under the guidance of the National Betting Authority, especially Christina Christoforou and Spyros Tsakonitis, we have been able to go through this transformation seamlessly. Yet, we still have much to do. Having partners such as push us to challenge ourselves. We also thank the European Lottery Association for encouraging lotteries, big and small, to be part of this movement and become change makers,” concluded Angelos Efthymiou, Head of the Cyprus Government Lottery.