The prize payout will be increased from 60% to 65% and the bets’ price will be updated to €0.50 (the current price of €0.40 dates back to 2011). The percentages of each of the 4 prize categories will also be adjusted.

The changes come into force on September 19th and will add value to this very well known social game by awarding better prizes and enabling a higher valuation of Super 14 in the jackpot cycles.

Designed in the late 50s of the last century, TOTOBOLA was the very first sports betting game in Portugal created with the aim of financing the construction, organization and maintenance of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Alcoitão.

Over 60 years this pari mutuel game has been part of the daily life of the Portuguese, having gained special visibility on the program "Vamos jogar no Totobola”” (Let's Play Totobola), broadcast by RTP (the national TV) and also for having reached the big screen in 1964, being part of the title of the musical comedy "Pão, Amor e… Totobola" (Bread, Love and… Totobola).