During this time, ITHUBA has reinvigorated the South African National Lottery, making it the top-performing lottery in Africa. The fiscal year 2024 has been monumental, with record-breaking sales of R7.28 billion and contributions of R1.83 billion to the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF). Over nine years, our contributions have amassed more than R13.5 billion towards good causes.

Our sustained success stems from several strategic initiatives that have significantly boosted player engagement and driven sales. Central to our achievements are the stimulating guaranteed large jackpots, including the record-breaking R232 million pay-out in February 2019. These life-changing prizes continue to draw a broad audience nationwide.

The introduction of PLUS add on games such as LOTTO PLUS 1, LOTTO PLUS 2, and POWERBALL PLUS has transformed the player experience by offering additional winning opportunities at half the standard ticket price. These games have been incredibly successful, with participation rates exceeding 90%, underscoring their popularity and value.

A pivotal element in our growth has been our extensive digital expansion. In 2024, over 60% of all National Lottery sales occurred online, up dramatically from just 2% in 2015. This shift owes much to our innovative partnerships with major banking institutions, which have integrated lottery ticket sales into their platforms. This collaboration offers unparalleled convenience, allowing players to purchase tickets and receive winnings under R250,000 directly in their bank accounts. Our banking partners benefit by charging transaction fees and receiving commissions, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that enhances player satisfaction and drives our sales.

Our strategic marketing campaigns have also been crucial, effectively communicating the excitement and potential of our games to a broad audience. These efforts have not only maintained but grown the lottery's appeal, ensuring it remains a favourite pastime for millions of South Africans.

We are also deeply committed to our core values of Ubuntu, Humility, Integrity, Tenacity, and Best Practice. These values drive our internal operations and are reflected in our ongoing contributions to social upliftment and community development across South Africa.

As we continue to excel and innovate, ITHUBA is rapidly establishing itself as a top global lottery operator. Our consistent record of growth and innovation has set new industry benchmarks, reinforcing our reputation as a leader not just in South Africa but across Africa.

As of 8 May 2024, ITHUBA has secured the licence to operate the National Lottery in Tanzania. Concurrently, we are preparing for the launch of the Uganda National Lottery. This launch will feature the first African Central Lottery System, specifically designed for the continent. These significant milestones mark the beginning of our expansion strategy and underscore our commitment to pioneering advancements in the lottery sector.

Looking ahead, ITHUBA is enthusiastic about delivering even greater value and more enriching experiences, enhancing lives and communities through innovation and a deep commitment to social impact.


ITHUBA Holdings (RF) Proprietary is the official operator of the National Lottery in South Africa. Since taking over the operation of the National Lottery in 2015, ITHUBA has been living up to their promise to reinvigorate it by optimising the consumer experience, restoring faith and trust in the National Lottery, and showcasing its positive social contribution to society. ITHUBA, proudly rooted in South Africa, intends to contribute positively and actively to socio-economic development by producing as many millionaires as possible and uplifting communities through various initiatives.

ITHUBA is determined to uphold the ethical and efficient operation of the National Lottery, setting the benchmark for Lottery operations in South Africa and beyond.