WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2021

This latest edition of the GLDC includes key performance indicators such as sales, Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), and money for good causes for FY 2020 and 2019, sourced from 138 WLA Lottery Members, which include state-authorized lottery and sports betting operators.

This edition of the GLCD offers a comprehensive analysis of the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state-regulated lottery and sports betting sector globally. In general, the impact of the pandemic on the lotteries was strong and negative, owing in part to lockdowns affecting retail networks and the suspension of the live sporting events that drive sports betting.

The information reported in the GLDC is sourced directly from WLA members, spanning 77 domiciles and five continents.

To access the 2021 edition of the GLDC from the member section of the WLA website click here (login required).