Luca Esposito, WLA Executive Director/GLMS Executive Director

After proper due diligence, and careful analysis of the time and effort required for the role, it was determined that Luca Esposito could assume the duties of GLMS General Secretary parallel to role as WLA Executive Director. Not only does Luca have the necessary skills for this role, but he is also in an optimal position to leverage cost effective synergies for the benefit of EL, WLA, GLMS, and their respective members.

This measure, which takes effect as of January 1, 2022, has received the full approval of the executive committees of the WLA, EL, and GLMS. The objective is to maximize our common investments in GLMS, while preserving its reputation as the most credible and respected entity worldwide in the fight against match-fixing and in safeguarding the integrity of sports. GLMS will remain an independent association with its own president and executive committee.

Operationally, the move will provide a number of benefits for GLMS and its members. Luca will be able to seamlessly assume executive responsibilities GLMS on January 1, owing to his experience as a lottery professional, his understanding of global associations and their needs, and his hands-on knowledge in the area of sports integrity. GLMS will also be able to profit from the WLA’s existing infrastructure having access to communication services, event management, and research and data analysis.

This is a unique opportunity for the lottery industry to stand in solidarity in the quest to safeguard the integrity of sports, which protects the integrity of the lotteries. We look forward to serving GLMS members as part of the broader world lottery community in 2022 and beyond.