In one of the European lottery industry’s more recent competitive camera-based procurements, the all-new Retailer Vue™ terminal from IGT emerged as the winner, attesting to its appeal and unique advantages in serving present and future market needs.

In fact, the thinking behind Retailer Vue™ is so advanced that IGT almost didn’t call it a terminal.

“A terminal has always sat on a counter and been used only by a retailer. And a ticket checker provides self-service to players – but that has always been a different device. One of many distinguishing features about the Retailer Vue is that it can allow retailers and players to interact easily through the same efficient unit,” said Michael Roeygaard, IGT Senior Director TouchPoints Product Management, citing just one of many potential use-cases.

With its ability to read everything from playslips and lottery tickets to ID cards and mobile devices, Retailer Vue™ is a unique, flexible retail touchpoint that can be deployed in various configurations to suit individual lottery needs, increase retailer productivity, and support a contactless player experience.

Sophisticated imaging technology accepts both printed and digital media in a wide variety of lighting conditions and retail environments. It also eliminates the need for dedicated readers and associated cables, freeing up valuable counter space.

The distinctive, open design allows for these contactless player-clerk transactions to take place seamlessly in front of the player and allows players to maintain control of their mobile devices, playslips, and tickets.

“Especially coming out of pandemic, there is a demand for digital, touchless experiences,” noted Paul Kallis, IGT Vice President Lottery Product Research & Development. “We’re doing that with Retailer Vue™ very efficiently, using one and the same reader for everything. The solid-state design also provides for silent operation and supports lower total cost of ownership, because with just one reader and none of the mechanical parts found in transport readers and fans, there is a lot less that could require repair.”

By enabling multiple scenarios for handling player-related functions, the Retailer Vue™ terminal is adaptable to current retail models as well as those that are just emerging.

A unique and versatile tool for success, it gives lotteries the ability to deliver Connected Play – digital-at-retail experiences via players’ mobile phone and app – and evolve with changing needs for the foreseeable future:

  • Digital and paper playslips
  • Virtual player cards and physical player cards
  • Digital and paper ticket
  • Digital payment via lottery eWallet

“Our primary aim is to deliver highly relevant, future-proof solutions to support our customers’ success as they prepare to meet evolving retail and player expectations,” said Kallis. “Retailer Vue™ is a one of a kind in the market today.”

In August 2022, an agreement was announced between the Portuguese lottery Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and IGT for 7,200 Retailer Vue™ terminals.

Facilitating Connected Play

Retailer Vue™ is one of many available IGT solutions to facilitate what IGT terms Connected Play, a seamless, rewarding, and immediate player-centric experience across retail and digital channels.

IGT has applied its operator experience and deep cross-functional knowledge to develop a full range of tools to enable Connected Play. This includes establishing the appropriate connections between player and retail touchpoints to provide lotteries with something the industry hasn’t historically had access to: integrated retail and iLottery data. Operators can use this data to better understand player behaviors and preferences, and serve players a more personalized experience, regardless of the channel.

Connected Play is enabled and supported by all IGT terminal types, including Retailer Vue™. And importantly, Connected Play is deeply integrated into IGT’s entire end-to-end solutions and systems, not only retail and player touchpoints.

What’s more, Connected Play isn’t limited to iLottery jurisdictions. A suite of IGT solutions to digitize the retail-player experience can also provide player- and transaction-level data on retail sales.

The benefits of Connected Play include:

  • Bridging the gap between anonymous retail players and known iLottery players
  • Reducing friction along the path to purchase – store favorite playslips; reduce contact and paper; digital tickets; eWallet payments and prize claim
  • Capturing play history and player behavior, which enables better Responsible Gaming measures and supports lotteries in making informed and responsible product decisions. To cite just one example, light registered players (semi-anonymous) can apply self- or lottery-imposed play limitations by day, week, month, etc.

“We’re always looking at retail trends and changes in consumer shopping behaviors in terms of what they could mean for our industry – taking into consideration how players shop, play, where and when they purchase, and how they interact with retailers,” said Kallis.

“Many lotteries are asking the same questions,” added Roeygaard. “What is the new ‘kit’ that retailers will need? The camera terminal, the vending machine, cashless payments, smart analytics (if a player has opted-in through their device) in order to tee-up games that are most relevant based on their purchase history or demographics, and digital signage that changes based on actual consumer preferences.”

“This isn’t just a terminal, this is you being prepared for the future.”

– Michael Roeygaard, IGT Senior Director TouchPoints Product Management

While implementing Connected Play requires more than the lottery terminal, Retailer Vue™ is an important facilitator of it. As Roeygaard observes, “The ‘Vue™’ can enable the retail trends that we and our customers know are coming, and it can adapt to meet a variety of needs. In other words, this isn’t just a terminal, this is you being prepared for the future.”

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