The report also highlights the company's efforts to improve its responsible gaming practices and its commitment to social responsibility. Loteries de Catalunya has achieved certification under the Responsible Gaming requirements of the European Lotteries and World Lottery Association, demonstrating its commitment to minimizing any negative impact that its gaming products might have on society and vulnerable groups.

Ensuring transparency

Marta Rodelas, the leader of the project at Loteries de Catalunya, highlighted the importance of sustainability in the company's operations, stating: "We want to go a step further as a socially responsible entity, taking into account the impact of our decisions on society and the set of practices that we carry out. As a public body, we not only want to be transparent in our management, but we are committed to improving our reporting practices."

Loteries de Catalunya believes in a lottery as a form of social entertainment that is technologically up-to-date and socially inclusive, and its mission is to contribute to the cohesion of society.

Loteries de Catalunya’s values

The publication of the annual report in alignment with GRI standards is a significant milestone for Loteries de Catalunya. GRI is an international organization that helps businesses and organizations take responsibility for their impacts by providing a common language for communicating those impacts. The GRI standards provide a framework for organizations to report on their economic, environmental, and social impacts in a credible and comparable way.

As the Loteries de Catalunya continues to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic, working in alignment with GRI standards will facilitate achieving sustainable operations, which will undoubtedly help it to maintain its position as a socially responsible lottery company.