Did you know?

Q. Do I need to understand or speak French?

A. In the tourist areas, English is well understood. You can get by just fine without French, but you will probably have more fun if you can drop an occasional “bonjour”. The Quebeckers will be flattered by you effort.

Q. Is Montreal a dangerous city?

A. No. Montreal City is far safer than many cities across North America and there are no particular areas you should be warned about. Still, as it is everywhere around the world, common sense must be exercised.

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Q. Where can I find information on Montreal?

A. Free brochures and information are available at the concierge desk of the Convention Center.

You can also find information about Montreal through the hotel staff and World Lottery Summit volunteers, or you can pay a visit to the Centre Infotouriste, Montreal’s main tourist office. It is located at 1001 Square Dorchester – one block west of the Gare Centrale (Central railway station).

For online information, please visit the website of Tourism Montreal.

Q. What is the weather like in Montreal in September?

A. September is a great time to visit Montreal. Its cooler temperatures and sunny days make for ideal exploring. The average temperature is 70°F (21°C).

Q. What about tipping?

A. Restaurant tipping is left to customer discretion, but the customary (and expected) amount is approximately 15% of the bill.