Smartplay International - new equipment to Ghana


Smartplay International supplies new equipment to Ghana National Lottery

Smartplay International supplies new equipment to Ghana National Lottery




{mosimage} Representatives from The National Lottery Authority of Ghana visited Smartplay International Inc. in February 2008.  They confirmed that, after 42 years with the same games, the NLA is gearing up to introduce an exciting new game in July using Smartplay's Criterion II.  The present game, NATIONAL WEEKLY LOTTO is a 5/90 game with fixed odds payout, where the new 6/49 lotto draw is a pari-mutuel payout. They felt this new game structure will see more winners and more prizes given back to the players.


Smartplay arranged for the delegation, Hon. Kwadjo Opare-Hammond, George Addo-Yobo and Ernest Mote, to visit the New York State Lottery and New Jersey State Lottery.  They were very impressed with both organizations.  In their search for drawing machines for the new game, The National Lottery Authority had found the perfect solution with New York’s Criterion II rubber ball drawing machine.  It fit their fresh and innovative new 6/49 game and a contract with Smartplay was signed to supply the lottery with three Criterion IIs.


In June of this year the delegation returned for an inspection of the finished machines. George Addo-Yobo and Ernest Mote were delighted with their machines’ appearance and performance.   According to George Addo-Yobo, “…the machines look wonderful, exceeding our expectations…”


If everything goes according to plan, Ghana's National Lottery Authority will launch their new 6/49 game in July 2008, estimating ticket sales at approximately 1 million American dollars. It’s a dividend game, in which about 50% of the money from sales is shared among the winners.  Initially, this game will be played twice a week, but will be offered more frequently as the game’s success grows.  Since the lottery's success seems promising, the NLA hopes to add an assortment of various games in the future.


Within the lottery industry, Smartplay International Inc. is a world-wide manufacturer of gaming equipment.  Established in 1993 and located in Edgewater Park, NJ, Smartplay designs and manufactures an ever evolving line of drawing equipment.  Smartplay is best known for their energy and outstanding attention to every detail of their business, from creatively designing machines to helping customers maintain their draw equipment.  Smartplay’s motto is, “Our customers’ reputation is our reputation.”



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