Illinois Lottery Launches Campaign to Introduce Hit or Miss Game

Illinois Lottery

CHICAGO IL, October 11, 2013 – The Illinois Lottery introduced a new integrated advertising campaign developed by Downtown Partners Chicago, Critical Mass and commonground to help promote its new draw game, Hit or Miss.

Hit or Miss – a member of the Good Life family of Games – costs $2 per game and players win cash by matching 8 to 12 numbers, or by matching 0 to 4 numbers. Players win the $250,000 top prize by matching all or none of the 12 numbers drawn. With overall odds of winning at 1-in- 4.54, Hit or Miss offers the best odds of any Illinois Lottery draw-game.

At the forefront of the Hit or Miss campaign is humorous creative that delivers an effective message for the new game. The campaign leads off with a TV commercial developed by Downtown Partners Chicago (DPC) and picks up where the initial spot for the Good Life family’s instant games left off – in a factory for The Good Life Inc. This time, the action happens in the Innovation Department where several employees share their unique ideas for new lottery games with the department’s supervisor. Ultimately, Hit or Miss is chosen as a game concept that allows players to win in two ways just as the name states, by hitting or missing. The commercial was filmed at International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 399 located in Chicago, Illinois.

"We wanted to introduce the Hit or Miss game and its unique concept with a TV spot that is humorous and fresh," said Jim Schmidt, partner and creative director at Downtown Partners Chicago. "The game and advertising campaign reinforce the lottery brand's 'Anything's Possible' tagline by showcasing a win-win opportunity for players that allows them to win even when they do not match any of their numbers."

Critical Mass led the display and social media components of the general market campaign. Each digital creative element depicts the main character from the TV spot and shows just how valuable hitting or missing can be on the new game, Hit or Miss.

“The Illinois Lottery understands that digital has the opportunity to entertain and to educate. For the launch of Hit or Miss, we aimed to accomplish both goals by creating fun elements that teach people the new way to play,” commented John McLaughlin, COO and executive sponsor at Critical Mass.

Alongside the general market creative crafted by DPC, commonground created a Hispanic version to appeal to multicultural audiences. The premise of the campaign was similar – educating consumers about the game proposition. The Hispanic campaign includes mass media tactics as well as direct tactics such as couponing.

"The premise of this game is very exciting: you could win if you hit all of your numbers or you could win if you hit none of your numbers,” said Sherman Wright, co-founder and managing partner at commonground. “Given that symbolism and superstition sometimes have a direct connection to the views the Hispanic community has about playing the lottery, this was a great opportunity for us to change the conversation and say something new: There is no need to believe in bad luck!”

“Hit or Miss is a completely new concept for a lottery game in Illinois, and we wanted the creative to portray the uniqueness of this game,” said Francesco Parola, VP of sales and marketing for Northstar Lottery Group. “Downtown Partners, commonground and Critical Mass did an outstanding job at delivering just that.”

The Hit or Miss advertising campaign also features coupons, point-of-sale advertising materials along with radio spots, billboard creative and promotional events.

Click here to view the Illinois Lottery’s new commercial by DPC and here to see creative from Critical Mass.


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