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This WLA / APLA joint seminar will take place in Manila, the Philippines, on April 28 – May 1, 2014. Hosted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, this seminar focuses on marketing and sales in a time of rapidly changing technologies and social expectations. Given the unprecedented growth the lottery sector is currently experiencing in the Asia Pacific region, this seminar will be of interest to anyone that wishes to strengthen their business position in the Asia Pacific markets. Featuring a strong line-up of established international speakers, parallel tracks, APLA sponsors, and lottery operators from both APLA and the WLA, this 2014 WLA / APLA joint seminar on marketing in a new age has something to offer everyone. Come and join us in hospitable and friendly Manila now!

Update, 10 April 2014: Look out for the complete list of keynote and industry speakers. Please click here for the updated seminar brochure. Registration closes on 15 April, and we look forward to receiving your registrations soon!

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Full year global lottery sales up by 4.9%; growth driven by Latin America and Asia Pacific.



In 2013, full-year on full-year global lottery sales grew 4.9%, moderating from 2012 full-year on full-year growth of 7.7%. The growth in worldwide lottery sales was again built on the foundations of strong performances from the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, with both these regions having recorded double-digit growth in sales over the past three consecutive quarters. The strong performance of the Asia Pacific and Latin American markets was offset, however, by the performance of the European region, which saw full-year on full-year sales contract in 2013. For its part, the North American market registered mild year-on-year gains for 2013, while the African market for FY 2013 was basically unchanged relative to its overall position in FY 2012. The tempering of sales globally in 2013, together with recent political and economic developments worldwide such as the crisis in Ukraine and heightened economic instability in Argentina, suggests it would be prudent to adopt a cautious outlook on global lottery sales for 2014.

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English for Powerful Presentations!


Do you need to make formal presentations at seminars or conferences? Are you required to deliver important messages to senior managers? Do you need to present information or give updates to colleagues at meetings? In today’s business world, the need for strong presentation skills in English is a constant. If you already have a reasonable command of English but would like to increase your confidence and improve your presentation skills in English—using terminology specific to the lottery business—then English for Powerful Presentations! is exactly what you need. It is the ideal opportunity not only to boost your practical English language skills, but also to meet international lottery colleagues and have a lot of fun—all in the picturesque setting of he Parsonage Country House Hotel, near York, UK.

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All the world’s eyes will be turned to Brazil in June 2014, and we will be there!


The WLA, CIBELAE, and the EL are very pleased to announce a most exciting sports betting seminar at the heart of the sports world. Football will undoubtedly be the central topic of the seminar – especially in light of the dangers of match-fixing – but marketing of sports and sports wagering will also receive prominent coverage.

In addition, the WLA, CIBELAE, and the EL have been able to secure a limited number of tickets for a World Cup qualification match in Fortaleza on June 24! Tickets are limited, so if you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity of learning and living sports, register for the seminar today!

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Request for proposals (RFP)


To streamline the lottery procurement process, which is notoriously costly and time consuming, the WLA has worked with NASPL, operators, suppliers and independent consultants to develop a Best Practice for lottery RFPs. The Global RFP Best Practice provides comprehensive guidance and standardization of lottery procurements while fully accounting for the legislation in the respective lottery's jurisdiction. Following the Best Practice will make it simpler, faster and cheaper to develop a successful RFP, obtaining responsive proposals and conduct the evaluation of those proposals. To watch a short movie that explains how the complex RFP process can be simplified with the WLA RFP Template, please click on the thumbnail or read more.

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The World Lottery Summit 2012 in Montreal, Canada

Videos of WLS 2012 keynotes now available in the member section of the WLA website (requires login).


Selected presentations and videos of the business program, including the keynote addresses, have now been made available for download in the member section of the WLA website (requires login). Relive keynote speaker Chantal Petitclerc's fascinating account of her life story or get to grips with the concept of "Creating Shared Value", renowned business authority Michael Porter's far-reaching vision for the future of corporate social responsibility. With some real treasures in the business program, taking the time to review the presentations available for streaming or download will surely be worth your while.

With more than 1500 delegates, a packed business program, nearly 50 exhibitors at the trade show, and a fabulous social program, the WLS 2012 Convention and Trade Show in Montreal, Canada, was not only one of the largest lottery conventions ever, it set a benchmark for future lottery events. Feedback on the summit has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous participants expressing their deep appreciation for this unprecendented event.

The theme for WLS 2012 was "a world of opportunities à la Montréal", reflecting the world of opportunities arising from the rapid pace of change in the lottery industry, and the world of opportunities that awaited attendees in multicultural, cosmopolitan Montreal. For additional post-convention information about WLS 2012, see the convention and trade show web site at

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The WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 (WLA-SCS:2012)


We are pleased to announce that the WLA-SCS:2012 standard was formally approved by the delegates of the WLA biennial General Meeting on September 12, 2012 in Montreal, Canada, and is now available for distribution. The WLA-SCS:2012 incorporates new sector-specific controls for the secure operation of Internet and interactive sales and gaming services as well as the secure handling of gaming operations. It replaces the previous version of the standard, WLASCS:2006, and all other versions released prior to the 2006 edition. The new standard documentation, as well as the accompanying Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 can be downloaded in the security section of this website.

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The Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012

scs 2012 guide cover

To accompany the newly released WLA-SCS:2012 standard documentation, a new WLA Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 has been published and is now available. The new guide provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive explanation of the WLA-SCS:2012 certification process. It is a useful aid for WLA members and associate members seeking to be certified to the WLA-SCS:2012, for qualified professionals seeking to be recognized as WLA accredited auditors, and for WLA accredited auditors seeking to undertake audits of WLA members and associate members applying for WLA-SCS:2012 certification. The Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 as well as the WLA-SCS:2012 standard documentation can be downloaded in the security section of this website.

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The WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide 2012-2013

cover of the rgf guide

The 2012-2013 edition of the Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide was presented at the World Lottery Summit 2012 in Montreal, Canada, in September 2012. As in the previous editions of the guide, this third edition tells you everything you need to know in order to complete your submission for each level of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF). The guide revises both the 2009 and the 2010-2011 editions of the same document, and provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive explanation of RGF certification available. Also included in this latest edition is a description of the recertification process that will be of interest to a number of certified member lotteries seeking recertification. The 2012-2013 edition of the Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide can now be downloaded in English, Spanish, and French from the Responsible Gaming section of this website.

WLA RGF best practices: Also in the member section of the website we have posted a number of RGF best practice documents for downloading. From case studies to sample submissions these documents can be useful in helping you prepare for and complete your WLA RGF submission.

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WLA and FIFA Early Warning System (EWS) GmbH renew cooperation contract

In 2005, the WLA and FIFA formally agreed to work together to protect and maintain the integrity of football and to safeguard the WLA members' betting systems and products. In July 2007, Early Warning System GmbH, a company founded specifically for this purpose with its own staff and offices in Zurich, was contracted to undertake this task and started the relevant work on July 1, 2007. FIFA extended its early warning system for monitoring sports betting to take in the preliminary competition for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.