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Global growth up 4.6% half-year on half-year; growth buoyed by sales surge in Latin America.



After a sunny start to the year in which sales grew by 8% quarter-on-quarter, growth slowed in Q2 2015, with aggregate half-year on half-year growth coming in at 4.6% globally. Regionally, growth in the Americas strengthened, while growth across the African, Asia Pacific, and European markets moderated.

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Discussion Papers


The WLA has published three discussion papers on the topics "Online gaming for lotteries", "Social gaming and lotteries", and "Sports integrity and lotteries". The aim of these papers is to provide our membership with information and data on contemporary issues that is both useful and relevant to the global lottery industry. In so doing, we hope to complement services that are already provided by the regional associations with services that are pertinent to the international lottery community as a whole.


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WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2014 now available online


The WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2014 is now available online. 73 WLA Lottery Members and 32 WLA Associate Members contributed their data to provide the WLA with this first ever digest of the global WLA membership. From the executive summary providing a snapshot of the current state of the global lottery industry through to the comprehensive individual entries on WLA member lotteries and WLA supplier members alike, the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2014 provides timely, accurate, and comprehensive statements on the WLA family of lottery and supplier members. Download the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium 2014 today!


Request for proposals (RFP)


To streamline the lottery procurement process, which is notoriously costly and time consuming, the WLA has worked with NASPL, operators, suppliers and independent consultants to develop a Best Practice for lottery RFPs. The Global RFP Best Practice provides comprehensive guidance and standardization of lottery procurements while fully accounting for the legislation in the respective lottery's jurisdiction. Following the Best Practice will make it simpler, faster and cheaper to develop a successful RFP, obtaining responsive proposals and conduct the evaluation of those proposals. To watch a short movie that explains how the complex RFP process can be simplified with the WLA RFP Template, please click on the thumbnail or read more.

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The WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 (WLA-SCS:2012)


We are pleased to announce that the WLA-SCS:2012 standard was formally approved by the delegates of the WLA biennial General Meeting on September 12, 2012 in Montreal, Canada, and is now available for distribution. The WLA-SCS:2012 incorporates new sector-specific controls for the secure operation of Internet and interactive sales and gaming services as well as the secure handling of gaming operations. It replaces the previous version of the standard, WLASCS:2006, and all other versions released prior to the 2006 edition. The new standard documentation, as well as the accompanying Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012 can be downloaded in the security section of this website.

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The WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide 2014-2015

cover of the rgf guide

The 2014–2015 edition of the Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide was presented at the World Lottery Summit 2014 in Rome, Italy, in November 2014. As in the previous editions of the guide, this edition tells you everything you need to know in order to complete your submission for each level of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF). The guide revises the previous editions of the same document, and provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive explanation of RGF certification available. Also included in this latest edition is a description of the recertification process that will be of interest to a number of certified member lotteries seeking recertification. The 2014–2015 edition of the Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide can now be downloaded in English, Spanish, and French from the Responsible Gaming section of this website.

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